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B. Braun Brazil

Motivating the team

Gabriella Nascimento joined the company two years ago through B. Braun’s trainee program; since the beginning of 2022, she has been Transport and Logistics Project Manager at B. Braun Brazil. To start the day full of energy, she gets up at 5:30 every morning and goes to the gym before work.

Ms. Nascimento, what is the importance of B. Braun's corporate culture for you?

When I started my new job in January 2022, I was overwhelmed by how enthusiastically I was received by my team and how much respect I was shown—as a young woman, it isn't taken for granted that you will be recognized as a leader, not in Brazil, and not in other countries. This shows me how special B. Braun’s corporate culture is. 


How can transformation processes be implemented in your daily business?

As project manager, I not only have to implement the B. Braun—the next decade strategy myself, I also have to be able to inspire my team to live this process of change. Fortunately, we all worked together before I was promoted, and we have a deep-seated trust in each another. This is particularly important because I want all of my employees to have the courage to share their ideas with me at any time; I want them to know that I am listening to them, even when the KPIs are satisfactory and, at first glance, no changes are necessary. 


What contribution would you like to make to the B. Braun—the next decade strategy?

I attach great importance to celebrating successes in the right way to motivate my team. For example, when one of our customer’s hospitals has an emergency and we are under pressure to deliver prostheses or anesthesia products in the shortest possible time, we all celebrate together after we learn that everything worked out and the surgery had a positive outcome. I want my employees to know that the work they do, and they themselves, are worth something; they save people's lives, and to be able to guarantee that every day under high pressure, you have to feel valued, first and foremost. This also includes making sure that we all have a good work-life balance in order to recharge our batteries for the next challenge.


In which areas is the change most noticeable?

Opening two new warehouses was a milestone for B. Braun Brazil , this significantly shortened delivery routes to some hospitals. In this country, B. Braun products sometimes have to travel hundreds of kilometers before they reach the patient—we even supply a hospital in Manaus in the Amazon. I think the fact that we are now more decentralized is essential, because I believe our delivery service has to live up to the high quality of our products. After all, human lives are at stake.

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