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B. Braun Brazil

Shaping change together

Victor Brandao Bonan is Project and Installation Engineer at B. Braun Brazil. When he's not at the gym or meeting up with friends, he likes to travel, so he’s already looking forward to his trip to Japan, which is planned for 2023.

Mr. Bonan, what contribution would you like to make to the B. Braun—the next decade strategy?

Since I work directly with the factories, my main focus is on digitalization and automation of processes. I have worked on several projects with these goals in mind over the past few years and would like to expand on them.


Are you open to the change ahead?

Absolutely. I have always been curious and open-minded about new technologies; I love learning new things and looking for new solutions to old problems. When it comes to utility maintenance, we face a new challenge every day anyway, so flexibility and “thinking around corners” have always been part of my everyday working life at B. Braun.


What changes have you found difficult?

We operate our factories around the clock, seven days a week. Some of the projects I work on, such as flow meter replacement, require interruption to ongoing production. This means we have to plan very carefully when we can do the projects. We work very quickly and accurately here to minimize the disruption to production output from the implementation as much as possible – it’s like changing the tires on your car while it's running.


Where do you see need for additional changes?

I think we should invest more in the training and development of our employees so that they are better prepared for the challenges.


What does the B. Braun culture mean to you? 

I think we are on the right track for the future with the B. Braun—the next decade strategy. We want to remain a family business, but we are not closed to the natural development that is taking place in all companies worldwide. We want to develop in our own way. In this context, the most important thing for me personally is joint commitment, because we can only move forward together; so we have to try to motivate each other, find out where we think differently and what we can add to each other’s ideas, and how we can bring about and shape this change together

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