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Implementing innovations conscientiously

Olga Zhiznevskaya is Chief Nurse for all B. Braun dialysis centers in Russia, based in the city of St. Petersburg. In her free time, she enjoys ice skating with her husband and three-year-old daughter and doing yoga.

Ms. Zhiznevskaya, how do you know that you are open to change?

As a Chief Nurse, it is very important to me that our patients are able to live not only a long life, but also a fulfilling one, despite their serious illness; in order to be able to ensure this in the future, we must continue to improve the standard of care in our hospital, but this can only be achieved if we are prepared to change and grow with new challenges – learning never stops. That’s why I very much welcome the B. Braun—the next decade strategy, and I am pleased to be able to play a part in it by implementing innovations in patient care conscientiously.


In which areas is the change most noticeable?

For B. Braun Avitum Russia Clinics, digitalization in particular plays a major role, and at the same time it is also the biggest hurdle on our way into the next decade. This is because many nurses lack experience in dealing with digital processes and find it difficult to get excited about them. 


What contribution would you like to make to the B. Braun—the next decade strategy?

It is important to me that our clinic staff understands that we are taking these steps for the good of our patients – if you only want the best for other people, change is much easier, I think. I am currently learning how to use a new graphics program to create diagrams and transfer standard operating procedures, such as those for sanitation, from paper to digital. This is certainly a positive change, but it takes a lot of time to learn the ropes; so we have to be patient until we can actually see the change in dialysis centers. But I'm sure once we get everything set up and the necessary foundations in place, it will greatly improve our service.


Where do you see need for additional changes?

The growing use of artificial intelligence to improve dialysis will be particularly exciting – blood pressure, fluid volume and dialysis dose would be even better controlled as a result. I hope that we will see many positive changes in this area in the coming years. Where we should also still upgrade: in Russia, there are currently 83 dialysis centers managed by B. Braun. But only two of them are connected to a surgical unit with operating room in their composition, where patients are formed or reconstructed vascular access. In addition, one of the centers has a small inpatient department. In this regard, I believe it is extremely important that patients who require surgery have the opportunity to receive dialysis while recovering from surgery. I would therefore like to see us being able to attach even more centers to hospitals in the future.

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