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      Interoperability in health care 

      Smarter clinical data exchange for outstanding interoperability.

      Successful health care depends on having the right information at the right time in the right place. Too often care is impeded by broken patient dataflows and time-consuming information exchange. In the hospital, far too many devices are still not connected to the IT network and the costs of poor integration are rising constantly. B. Braun has the goal to provide you with secure and precise exchange of clinical data across systems and devices - to give you smarter workflows, better linked for outstanding interoperability.

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        More than 30% of the nurses reported routinely staying beyond their scheduled work hours to complete documentation1

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        Over 60% of devices in hospitals that could interoperate each other are not integrated today2

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        Over 40% of health care organization have not deployed endpoint encryption3

      Interoperability in health care made easy with DoseLinkplus interface

      OnlineSuitplus Overview



      The new interoperability solution operating through theOnlineSuiteplus platform​.

      Auto Documentation

      Auto Documentation

      For real-time communication of both infusion and device-related data plus alarm information.

      HL7/IHE protocols

      HL7/IHE protocols

      DoseLinkplus uses standardized HL7/IHE protocols for patient care devices and allows bi-directional communication.

      EMR and PDMS

      EMR and PDMS

      Easy integration of B. Braun pumps into the electronic medical record (EMR) and patient data management system (PDMS) via the hospital’s IT network.

      Encrypted communication enables data security

      With its integrated OnlineSuiteplus backend solution, the Space®plus infusion pump system provides secure, bi-directional communication with the pumps. This enables state-of-the-art remote update management, including device configuration and  software deployment. 

      At the same time, the connection to the OnlineSuiteplus is the basis for powerful and standard-conform connectivity to third-party systems using the HL7 interface App DoseLinkplus. The DoseLinkplus App enables bi-directional delivery of pump data to multiple endpoints and ensures that no information is lost through its use of secure, encrypted, end-to-end data transmission within the hospital network.

      Availability upon request

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      [4] available for Space®plus & OnlineSuiteplus in Q4 2022 

      [5] available in H2 2023 in selected markets