Space®plus & OnlineSuiteplus
Advanced. Superior. Digital.

More than an infusion pump – The Space®plus ecosystem

big data in healthcare

With Space®plus we aren't just presenting a new infusion pump. In combination with the OnlineSuiteplus, we have created an entire ecosystem that features all the benefits that connectivity and data management can offer today, like standardized interoperability, cloud-based applications, outstanding therapy, fleet management, and update flexibility, as well as more convenience, etc. The Space®plus and OnlineSuiteplus ecosystem contributes to making hospitals safer, more patient-oriented, easier, and even smarter.

Design Award Winner 2021–2022

Space®plus has won several design awards underlining the outstanding product engineering.


We are proud that the ergonomic benefits and resulting agility of Space®plus have convinced the juries of the coveted red dot award and the prestigious iF design award. With the Golden Pin 2021 the Space®plus infusion pump system has proven outstanding innovation in design. The German Design Award is a great contribution to our commitment to developing user-friendly designed products and with the GOOD DESIGN Award Space®plus is officially one of the most innovative and cutting-edge product designs produced around the world.


What a great confirmation for the brainwork our engineers have done and an honor that additionally motivates us to continue designing top-class infusion pumps.

OnlineSuiteplus network in hospital


The Space®plus & OnlineSuiteplus system sets a new benchmark in connectivity and cyber security due to its data encryption.

Seamless therapy documentation becomes the new standard for smart hospitals by integrating this infusion pump with WiFi capability into the hospital network. 

OnlineSuiteplus and the optional B. Braun Healthcloud connection represent the unique data source for continuous quality improvements in infusion therapy and product updates.

spaceplus infusion pump system


Studies have shown that today infusion devices are involved in 35-60% of the estimated 770,000 adverse drug events (ADEs) that occur each year.1

With our new infusion pump system, medication errors are reduced with the unique hardware and software architecture. Due to its intuitive user interface, it is quick to learn and provides high quality in terms of robustness, reliability and accuracy


Space®plus covers a wide range of therapies for adults, pediatrics and neonates for the delivery of intravenous, as well as enteral / parenteral infusions and for pain treatment.

The system allows for seamless therapy workflows in all transport situations.

5 benefits with Space®plus & OnlineSuiteplus

Space®plus in combination with OnlineSuiteplus is the digital infusion system for hospitals that want to offer their patients individualized and safe infusion therapy with the maximum amount of medical options.

Because it is easy to integrate into hospital information systems, with state-of-the-art interoperability, and represents an advanced approach to more cyber security, the Space®plus system is the digital solution of choice for the healthcare sector.

The robust design with the highest focus on quality, a long-lasting Li-Ion-battery, and advanced moisture protection (IP44: splash water protection) for cleaning and disinfection results in optimized stability and fewer repair costs.

Additionally, the outstanding flow accuracy, especially at low rates, for the syringe & volumetric pump sets a new benchmark. 

Keep your patients and hospital staff safe. The intuitive and guided touch interface assists staff in programming and handling the pump even in stressful situations.

The integrated drug library with medication safety limits supports medication standardization and still maintains high flexibility for patient and care unit-specific therapies.

The included WiFi in combination with the bi-directional HL7-IHE communication interface ensures seamless interoperability with hospital information systems, such as patient data management systems (PDMS), no matter whether the pump is being used during transport or stacked within the Space®plus Station at the patient's bedside.

Always keep your Space®plus pumps up to date.

Today’s manual update processes for software and the drug libraries take too much time, as the pumps have to be collected and brought to the biomedical department, thereby disturbing clinical workflows. 

The OnlineSuiteplus remote update process via the hospital network ensures that this job is done centrally with just one click.

The Space®plus & OnlineSuiteplus system introduces encryption in order to protect sensitive patient and therapy data and therefore contributes to more cyber security in the hospital.


1 Van der Wal Y. A Datadriven Feasibility Study on Silent Pumps: Applying CRISP-DM in a Knowlege Discovery Process. Universiteit Utrecht 2017.