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      We understand the gravity of the situation

      Treating hydrocephalus

      When two strong partners combine their expertise, innovative and groundbreaking solutions frequently arise that would scarcely have been possible working alone. Aesculap and MIETHKE have followed this path and have been cooperating since 1999. The goal was and is to develop better solutions for the difficult treatment of hydrocephalus and to make them available all over the world. This vision has inspired and motivated everyone involved.

      Gravitational valves improve patient outcomes

      Physical background

      Icons positive ventricular pressure in the horizontal position
      Icons negative ventricular pressure in the upright position

      Due to enlarged ventricles the intracranial pressure is getting too high. To implant a shunt system is a common procedure to treat patients suffering from hydrocephalus and to control the intracranial pressure within the physiological range.

      There are different types of shunt systems available:

      • Shunts with fixed pressure settings, so-called differential-pressure (DP) valves
      • Shunts with adjustable pressure settings (Adjustable DP valves)
      • Hydrostatic or gravitational valves
      Graph intracranial pressure in the horizontal position
      Graph intracranial pressure in the upright position

      Patient information and manuals