OrthoPilot® Elite
Trust in your ambition

What is progress? If you ask us, it means making life better and redefining standards.

Learning new things, moving forward and thinking ahead, growing along with an ever-growing number of technological options in order to achieve better and better results – for patients. Is that your ambition, too? OrthoPilot® Elite will open up new opportunities for you to realize your full potential through state-of-the-art technology, so that you can operate even more precisely and thus make your results reproducible.

This ambition is what helps medicine progress.

OrthoPilot® Elite and Multitool – Winner of the RedDot Design Award.

Why also you should consider OrthoPilot®?

OrthoPilot® Elite was developed with the goal of helping surgeons perform the most conservative, successful procedures possible.
The system uses monocortical transmitter anchorage into the femur and tibia to allow less invasive techniques. It also does not require stressful CT or MRI scans.
The effectiveness of the OrthoPilot® has been demonstrated through more than 300 international studies.

As an example, the following study shows that OrthoPilot®-navigated knee endoprostheses offer clinically significant benefits over conventionally implanted knee endoprostheses. After ten years, survival rates are 11 percentage points higher, which has to do with aseptic loosening.

Source: Baumbach JA, Willburger R, Haaker R, Dittrich M, Kohler S. 10-Year Survival of Navigated Versus Conventional TKAs: A Retrospective Study. Orthopedics. 2016 May;39(3):72-6.

New concept. New comfort. The innovative multifunctional instrument was developed to help speed up processes and significantly improve ergonomic features.
The innovative new multifunctional instrument combines several individual instruments into one, and was developed specifically for assisted navigation with the OrthoPilot® Elite and TKA 6.0 software. It combines simple, intuitive handling with cutting-edge technology, allowing surgeons to operate precisely and ergonomically.

As the core component in a flexible system, OrthoPilot® Elite integrates excellently into surgical procedures and stands for efficient processes.
With TKA 6.0 software and a one-of-a-kind multifunctional instrument, OrthoPilot® Elite represents a balanced, innovative man-machine interface. 
Its intuitive controls give OrthoPilot® Elite users the freedom to concentrate on what’s most important: the surgical process.

Designed to make life easier: Documentation takes up a lot of healthcare professionals’ time. OrthoPilot® Elite frees surgical teams from these responsibilities, because it doesn't just display important information – it also documents it.
Surgical results are displayed and documented in a clearly organized, informative final screen, including the resections performed, the implant sizes used, the pre- and post-operative leg axes, and the duration of the procedure. It also creates surgical reports for patients and provides data for comprehensive analyses.

OrthoPilot® Elite is based on innovative technology and 20 years of experience. That combination takes standards of surgical precision to a new level.
Many healthcare professionals are motivated by the desire to help people live better, more pain-free lives. In orthopaedics, precision sets the standard for quality of life: a few millimeters or a few degrees often determine the long-term success of a procedure.

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That excellence is our ambition.

OrthoPilot® Elite is part of an integrated system. The surgeon is the heart of that system.
OrthoPilot® Elite puts surgeons in the control center of an integrated, perfectly coordinated endoprosthesis system.
Hardware, software, implants, instruments – they’re all based on the same high standards of quality, but now they feature never-before-seen opportunities for interaction as well. The result: exceptionally effective synergy between team and technology.

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