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AESCULAP® OrthoPilot® Elite

Trust in your ambition

OrthoPilot® Elite is based on innovative technology and more than 25 years of experience. That combination takes standards of surgical precision to a new level. Many healthcare professionals are motivated by the desire to help people live better, more pain-free lifes. In orthopaedics, precision sets the standard for quality of life: a few millimeters or a few degrees often determine the long-term success of a procedure. That excellence is our ambition.

AESCULAP® OrthoPilot® Elite

Why should you consider OrthoPilot®?

Two surgeons with OrthoPilot® Elite in the background
Two surgeons with the OrthoPilot® Elite Multitool
Two surgeons in front of the OrthoPilot® Elite monitor
Two surgeons with the OrthoPilot® Elite Multitool and monitor in the background

“The OrthoPilot® Elite has convinced me with many new features such as tibia rotation navigation and additional references, e.g. the transepicondylar line and the Whiteside's line. Especially the multitool that combines many different functions in one instrument makes my daily surgery easier and safer.”

Prof. Dr. Björn Gunnar Ochs, Vincentius Krankenhaus, Germany

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Software applications

Working with the OrthoPilot® means full control and continuous feedback in real time

In surgery, precise goal achievement, performance, and realtime information are crucial to the success of the operation. OrthoPilot® Elite gives surgeons exact, continuous feedback on implant and instrument positions. So you can make the right decisions based on even more solid information.

Software knee navigation

The OrthoPilot® knee navigation applications provide superior software and instrument solutions for Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) and Total Knee Revision (TKR).

Software hip navigation

OrthoPilot® THA Universal 2 hip navigation provides a large package of dedicated workflow options with superior instrument design for different surgical approaches, conventional or less invasive techniques and the whole variety of AESCULAP® primary cup and stem implants.

Navigated surgical techniques

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Technical features

OrthoPilot® Elite Hardware

Technology creates a solid foundation, the surgeon makes the difference. Since the first surgery in January 1997 the OrthoPilot® has become a leading navigation system for orthopaedic navigation with more than 900 units in 41 countries. Today more than 1,500 surgerons world-wide use the OrthoPilot® navigation system in their daily routine. So far more than 300,000 surgeries have been accomplished.

Technical features

  • Compact size and small footprint in the OR
  • Lightweight and mobile OR-assistant
  • MVA LCD multi touch display with antiglare glass
  • Intuitive Homescreen for application management, data output management and hardware status control
  • Enhanced camera system with increased measuring volume
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Easy plug & play concept
  • Wireless communication of system components via Bluetooth
  • Multifunctional instrument
  • Wireless footswitch (optional)
OrthoPilot® Elite hardware

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OrthoPilot® Elite winner of the RedDot Design Award 2022

Well proven

Clinical evidence

To prove the quality promises to our customer is very important for us. The effectiveness of the OrthoPilot® has been demonstrated through more than 100 international studies. We evaluate the OrthoPilot® system very precisely so you don't have to make any compromises and can achieve the best surgical outcomes.

  • More than


    observed studies with a total of 8,620 implantations

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