Hip Arthroplasty

Solutions for total hip replacement surgeries

Total hip arthroplasty belongs to one of the most successful surgical interventions all over the world. [1] Within the last decades major achievements have led to sustainable surgical clinical results. Advanced implant materials, reproducible surgical techniques and a high variety of specific types of components support the surgeons and the clinical teams in their daily mission to reconstruct a diseased hip joint and to improve the health of the patient.

The whole treatment process is taken into consideration, as Aesculap stands in close and continuous exchange with surgeons, medical staff, hospital management and the patient. That extends the wide portfolio of implants for primary and revision surgeries to supportive consulting offers emphasizing patients to reach independency and mobility.

The results for the Aesculap prostheses, published e.g. in the German Implant Registry, [2] demonstrate its successful application in clinical use.

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