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Digital companion – Stay on track

The ForPatientApp is your digital support to inform and guide your patient during his patient pathway while increasing the quality of care and hospital process efficiency.

Standardized pathways for more efficiency

Standardize the digital patient pathway with the ForPatientApp according to your needs as healthcare professional. The ForPatientApp helps you to support and guide your patient from pre-education until rehabilitation while simplifying your processes, relieving administration workload and improving patient care.

Mobile device with the ForPatientApp screen


Easy application to assist you and your patients

The ForPatientApp exists of two components – the ForPatientApp Dashboard for healthcare professionals and the application for the patient on his mobile phone or tablet.

Desktop monitor and a mobile device with ForPatientApp screens
Woman in front of a desktop monitor with the ForPatientApp screen
Man looks on his mobile device with the ForPatientApp

Win-win situation

Your benefits at a glance

Hospital Management

Hospital Management

  • ForPatientApp as patient quality criteria to increase the hospital reputation
  • Individual customization of your pathway, workflows and application



  • Right information at the right time
  • Digital companion throughout the patient pathway
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Helps to reduce anxiety
  • Patient school at any time at any place

OR Care & Nursing

OR Care & Nursing

  • Relieve of daily workload and administration thanks to standardized information along the patient pathway
  • Transparency about progress of health status of the patient



  • Digital support for standardized education and guiding of the patient
  • Transparency about the patient's health status
  • More time for the patient

Scientific publication

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation: New perspectives in postoperative care following total knee arthroplasty using an external motion sensor and a smartphone application for remote monitoring.

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Reliable and efficient

We support you to optimize your patient pathways for orthopaedic patients. In order to achieve this goal, we provide suitable solutions.