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Urostomy bags and solutions

Reliable products for your urostomy patients

Our offer for patients with urostomy combines urostomy bags with a large range of urine collection bags. Donna Martin(1), our clinical nurse specialist who has worked with urostomy patients for 17 years, including ten years as a nurse at Belfast City Hospital in the United Kingdom, shares her experiences. In the following video interviews accompanied by short summaries Donna gives her personal view on challenges that people with urostomies often face, the benefits B. Braun urostomy bags Flexima® Uro Silk and Flexima® 3S have, concluding with some tips for your urostomy patients.


Nurse's testimonials


Main challenges for urostomy patients

Donna Martin(1) shares her experiences describing the challenges that people with urostomies often face. The three biggest are:


  • The difficulty of avoiding leakage due to the output in form of urine which often contains mucus.
  • The appliance coming off because the mucus has had a detrimental effect on the adhesiveness of the skin protector or wafer.
  • A lack of self-confidence due to leakages experienced in the initial phase of their urostomy.

All of these factors show how important it is that patients have an appliance that sticks well, does not leak and is easy to manage right from the start.

Donna Martin shares her experiences describing the challenges that people with urostomies often face.


Main benefits of using B. Braun urostomy bags 

There are many options when it comes to choosing urostomy bags and it is especially important to weigh up the pros and cons. Donna Martin confirms that the B. Braun urostomy bags Flexima® Uro Silk and Flexima® 3S have a lot of advantages:


  • The hydrocolloid surface of the skin protector and the wafer is very skin-friendly and prevents skin irritation.
  • The adhesive part of the bag adheres well to the skin, as its flower shape allows it to mold onto little skin folds, even if the patient has a parastomal hernia.
  • The convex version of the bag is highly appreciated as no additional accessories are needed. These bags are a very good solution for many urostomates as the convexity may also help to direct urine and mucus into the urostomy bag (see also link to convex webpage).
  • The bottom outlet tab is very easy to manage, as the patient only needs to twist it to open and close it.
  • The connector can easily be attached to and detached from the urine bag.
  • The three loops to fix a belt on the Flexima® one-piece convex urostomy bags or on the two-piece urostomy appliances allow patients to wear their bags at an angle. This facilitates emptying in a seated position, while competitor products can only be worn straight down to the bottom.
Donna Martin(1) shares her experiences describing the challenges that people with urostomies often face.


Some tips for your urostomy patients

Helpful tips that can make everyday life a little easier are especially valuable for patients who are not yet familiar with their urostomy.


  • For example, recommend to your patients that they attach a distal urine bag to their urostomy bag during the night. This way, more urine can be collected and sleep is not disturbed.
  • Suggest that they drink a small glass of pineapple juice daily. This helps reduce the production of mucus and thus the risk of compromising the adhesion of the skin protection.
Donna Martin(1) shares her experiences describing the challenges that people with urostomies often face.

Our product offer for urostomy management

One-piece system

Flexima® Uro Silk

One of your choices is the Flexima® Uro Silk bag. This is available in flat and convex versions both in beige and transparent.

One-piece system

Flexima® Active O' convex

For people who seek more comfort, the Flexima® Active O’ convex range is a good decision. A huge plus is its flexible skin protector which provides a soft convexity.

Two-piece system

Proxima® 2 / Proxima® 2+

Proxima® 2 / Proxima® 2+ represents another two-piece range. Its mechanical coupling system allows you to choose between three different wafers. The corresponding urostomy bags are transparent.

Urine management

Distal urine collection bags and accessories

We offer a complete range of urine collection bags for adults, i.e. leg and bed bags, that can be easily connected to our urostomy bags.


  • Our urostomy bags are supplied with a universal connector.
  • The outlet of the urostomy bag is designed to prevent any twisting of the urine bag and urine bag tubing.
  • The urine bags come with a large-diameter, non-kinking tube.

The transparent urine bags facilitate urine monitoring e.g. in hospital: 


  • Scale for approximate measurement
  • Extension of the bag change intervals
  • Evaluation of the urine quality and quantity

Accessories to protect the skin

1) Donna Martin has a degree in specialist practice. Since 2010 she has been working with B. Braun UK as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

2) Cavdar I et al. Sleep and quality of life in people with ileal conduit. Scand J Urol 2016;50(6):472-476. doi: 10.1080/21681805.2016.1236834.

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