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Spine Surgery

Going beyond the standard of hospital workflow management

Every second counts – whether in the OR or "behind the scenes". The process of patient care is like a set of gears. Each gear is important, deserves our highest appreciation and fulfills its contribution to the overall aim of improving and protecting people's health. That's exactly why we designed this platform dedicated to support and streamline processes along the patient pathway. With a fully modular yet lean structure, our spinal solutions adapt to your clinical profile enabling the best possible clinical excellence without compromise – because less is truly more!

There is room for improvement behind every process

Did you know that these facts could apply to your workflows?

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    cost reduction potential when switching to a single-source platform. [1]

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    reduction of infection by using sterile, single-packed implants. [2]

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    utilization rate of instruments due to overloaded trays. [3]

Sterile packed implants

Smart and tailored OR supply

Providing the right implants, at the right time, at the right place, in the utmost quality. A sentence that is easy to say, but involves a lot of effort. We have your back and support you with smart tailor-made solutions for the supply of your AESCULAP® implants.

Configurable supply cart

Configurable supply cart

The supply cart can be customized according to your individual implant configuration. By doing so, the footprint in the clinic is reduced, implants are provided just-in-time and time savings can be achieved.

Seamless traceability

Seamless traceability

All Ennovate® implants can be seamlessly tracked using the UDI (Unique Device Identifier), thus meeting the international standards in clinical / patient safety and compliance requirements.

Consistent color coding

Consistent color coding

Colors break through language barriers – instrument and implant modules are consistently color-coded, allowing for clear identification of components.6 Fewer distractions, more focus – this streamlines and improves workflows.

No-touch handling

No-touch handling

Supporting workflows and making them safer is our highest priority – the packaging has been designed to allow a truly sterile attachment of the instruments and handover to the surgeon. Thus, infection rates can be reduced.4,5

Sterile packed implants

Sterile packed implants

We prevent concerns related to reprocessed implants. With sterile packed implants benefit from: no contamination risk, no transfer of liability, no risk of corrosion, while enabling seamless traceability and compliance. 4,5

Instrument modules

Unleash your potentials across all workflows

Our solutions leverage spinal fusion on a whole new level by placing the patient at the heart of the treatment and allowing the surgeon to perform uncompromising spinal corrections across all workflows. Whether open, minimally invasive or hybrid approach, B. Braun is your trusted partner in cervical, thoracolumbar and sacropelvic spine surgery.

Spine surgery Ennovate® degenerative spine tray and instruments
Spine surgery spinal trauma tray and instruments
Spine surgery Ennovate® complex spine tray and instruments
Spine surgery Ennovate® spinal navigation instruments

Ennovate® surgical platform

One spinal platform designed around your needs

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