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Stop pressure ulcer formation

Time to fight pressure ulcers

It is the story of Miguel Jopia Cuevas, a 60-year-old family father from Chile who had contracted COVID-19. After spending 39 days in hospital, he was discharged with a severe lumbosacral decubitus ulcer.

In the video below, he reveals the tremendous impact of the pressure ulcer on all aspects of his life – emotions, family and his profession.

You will learn about his suffering and the consequences, not to mention the high costs associated with the subsequent treatment of the stage 3 pressure ulcer by a home care nurse.    

The importance of pressure ulcer prevention

Up to


of pressure injuries can be avoided, depending on population and ulcer grade.(1)

Pressure ulcers are caused if the blood supply to the skin and the underlying tissues is compromised for prolonged periods of time due to mechanical compression of the local vasulature, with ensuing hypoxia and tissue necrosis.

In some cases, pressure ulcers occur quickly - between the first hour and 4 to 6 hours after sustained loading.(2)

Most of the time, pressure ulcers significantly impact the patients’ morbidity, mortality and quality of life. 

“Costs of pressure ulcer treatment exceed those of prevention by 2.5 times.”

Agency for HealthCare Research and Policy (3)

Pressure sore risk areas

Preventive measures to adapt

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1) Range varies among settings and classification method.

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