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Pressure ulcer treatment

The challenge to manage pressure ulcers

We all want to avoid pressure ulcers. Considerable progress has been made in this area the past few years. Nevertheless, pressure ulcers remain a challenge. B. Braun offers different solutions including products for skin care, wound bed preparation and infection management, as well as exudate management. Taking action right from the start helps you to prevent the aggravation of existing pressure ulcers and to support the healing process.

*examples of barriers = slough, necrotic tissue and/or biofilm
Management of stage 1 pressure ulcers

Management of stage 2 pressure ulcers

Management of stage 3 pressure ulcers

Management of stage 4 pressure ulcers

Clinical case presentation: pressure ulcer managment
"Back to life" after four months of healing of his pressure ulcer

Our product portfolio

Wound bed preparation and biofilm management

Wound infection and odor management

Exudate management

Skin resistance improvement and skin protection

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