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Partner in Cameroon

Chronic kidney disease care infrastructure

In many West African countries, some illnesses cannot be treated ideally. In Cameroon, B. Braun is helping build the infrastructure to care for patients with chronic kidney disease. One of these patients is Ngueochi Tamba Maurelle. B. Braun saves her life every week. 

“We recently had an uptick in patient inquiries, but we couldn't hire any new doctors or nurses.”

Professor Marie Halle, hospital physician in Doula, Cameroon

“We need more trained nurses here, more training and more renal care centers.”

Alice Blanche Maghue, Dialysis trainer, Cameroon

My name is Ngueochi Tamba Maurelle and I was born on September 20, 2002, in Niete, in Southern Cameroon. I have been suffering from chronic kidney disease for the last ten years.

Dialysis patients in Cameroon


dialysis patients are treated regularly at the hospital in Douala.


dialysis patients are treated regularly in all of Cameroon.


patients in Cameroon need dialysis treatment.

I suddenly understood what it meant to have a chronic illness—and that this illness would never go away. 

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