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Partner in South Africa

Supporting families through employment

Unemployment in South Africa is high, especially for young people. How can we give them a future? By giving them a job–in Johannesburg, where B. Braun operates its oldest and largest production site on the African continent.

Youth unemployment in South Africa is around 40 percent. Experts believe that in reality it is much higher.

“I love my job, we’re not just packaging, we’re checking the quality of the products all the time.”

Noluthando Shukuma works in quality assurance at B. Braun in Johannesburg, South Africa.

B. Braun production in South Africa

  • Approx.

    0 Mio. €

    B. Braun sales in southern Africa region in 2022.

  • 0

    Employees in South Africa.

  • 0

    new jobs created in South Africa since 2016

“We need motivated employees like Noluthando, since our business is growing.”

Jens Papperitz, CEO B. Braun in Johannesburg, Südafrika

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