Stories of
people with a stoma

Facing the challenge of Crohn's disease head-on

Pierre-Louis sitting on this boat

If you are diagnosed with a chronic disease, this may disrupt your long-standing life plans, but it should not stop you from achieving your dreams, let alone pursuing even more beautiful ones. 24-years-old Pierre-Louis is living proof of this, he has managed to combine his passion for sailing with a new mission in life.

Flexima® 3S, so easy to apply

Mark Clark is from Austin, Texas, paraplegic for now 26 years and since July 2016 he as a colostomy. Clark talks about the comfort, ease of use and peace of mind he has with our Flexima® 3S bag. 

Eric Polsinelli about B. Braun products

The Canadian Eric Polsinelli is married with two children. In 2008 he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, and had his ileostomy done on August 21st of 2013. He created his own website 'VeganOstomy', with a youtube channel where he posts content based on his personal experience on all kind of ostomy products. His motto: ‘Helping to create happy ostomates’.

Eric had also tested B. Braun products:

Flexima® Active 1-piece: a fantastic product

„Flexima® 1-piece system which has some great features… The material feels really Premium… This is probably one of the best fabrics that I’ve seen… I find that the B. Braun filter is one of the better filters out there… Overall I honestly have to say that for a 1-piece system this is a fantastic product.“

Flexima® 3S: a pretty cool thing

„A product quite unique … it’s really nice and secure when it’s on there … a pretty cool thing…“

My philosophy: attitude is everything

Canadian Eric Polsinelli was invited by B. Braun to the WCET 2016 in Cape Town to speak about his story and the experience he has had as ostomate. Here is the presentation he gave at the B. Braun breakfast symposium during the WCET conference on March 15, 2016.