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Having an ileostomy

How to take care of your ileostomy

Your ileostomy is a surgical opening on the surface of your abdomen created from your small intestine. You will possibly need to use a drainable stoma bag to collect the stool and have the option of draining it. Over time, you will likely learn how to take care of your stoma by your own and how to make the best of your life with an ileostomy.

In the case of an ileostomy, the stool is mostly fluid or semi-formed, which is why a drainable ostomy bag may be beneficial. The often so-called ileostomy bag has a bottom outlet, which allows the bag to be emptied without replacing it. In many cases, after your surgery, you will be given a transparent drainable bag in order to help you to learn how to use your bag correctly. As you learn how to manage the stoma you will be shown opaque bags, which most people choose to use for more discretion. Some opaque bags have also a so-called inspection window to allow to allow the visual control of both stoma and output.

Our solutions for people with ileostomy

Drainable bags with bottom outlet

All our Flexima® Roll' up and Proxima® ileostomy bags have a wide drainable outlet of 7 cm, which intends to enable an easier bag emptying and outlet cleaning. On our Flexima® ranges, an integrated Roll' up clamp is available to close the bag by folding the outlet and pressing the adhesive stripes together.

Our ileostomy bags of the Proxima® ranges can be closed with a reusable rigid clamp or a single use soft adhesive clamp, both delivered with the bags.

Drainable Roll' up bags

How to empty, clean and close a stoma bag with Roll' up outlet

White tabs implemented on the Roll' up outlets of our Flexima® drainable bags help to open the outlet widely, for both emptying the bag and for cleaning the outlet. 

Closing the Roll' up bag

The Roll' up outlet has an integrated self-gripping soft clamp. Once the outlet of these ileostomy bags is closed, the bag will have the same compact shape as a closed colostomy bag. The edges of the outlet are soft for an increased wearing comfort of the ileostomy bag.

Our answer to high-output stoma

Combine our high-output stoma bags with the Flow Collector, our distal collection bag  

People who suffer from high-output stoma often have poor quality of sleep and are not able to recover appropriately by night. Frequent bag changes decrease their quality of life. To help you, if you are concerned, we offer our different high-flow stoma bags in both one-piece and two-piece systems that can be connected to our distal collecting bag, the Flow Collector. 

Product portfolio

Our offer of drainable stoma bags

Two-piece systems

In the case of a two-piece system, the wafer and the bag are separated, before being attached together through a coupling system. The bag can be changed while the baseplate may remain in place for several days.

Mechanical coupling system

Flexima® 3S

Adhesive coupling system

Flexima® Key

Mechanical coupling system

Proxima® 2

Product portfolio

Our offer of stoma accessories

As the stool of ileostomates can contain digestive enzymes and other substances that may be aggressive on the skin, you may consider the use of skin protective accessories.

High-output solution

Our distal stool collecting bag


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