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Managing your urostomy

How to care for your urostomy

In the case of a urostomy, the output is a continuous flow of urine and you will need to use a urostomy bag. Your caregiver will show you in detail how to take care of your urostomy and help you how to choose and use the urostomy appliances that best fit to your individual needs.

specific urostomy outlet
night urine drainage bag
urostomy bag with a distal urine collection bag

Urostomy bags

One-piece systems

In the case of a one-piece system, the wafer and the stoma bag are bounded together and must be changed together.

Urostomy bags

Two-piece systems

In the case of a two-piece system, the wafer and the bag are separated, before being attached together through a coupling system. The bag can be changed while the baseplate may remain in place for several days.

Mechanical coupling system

Adhesive coupling system

Urine collection bags and accessories

We offer a large range of bedside and leg bags, which are all compatible with our urostomy bags. 

Stoma accessories

As urine output sometimes can be aggressive on the skin, you may consider the use of skin protective accessories. Sometimes a stoma belt can be useful for extra fixation. 

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