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The right choice of stoma bag

Do you fight with stoma leakage and skin problems?

If this is the case, you might have experienced excretion settling under the wafer. Or maybe the skin around your stoma constantly feels painful and appears red or irritated. All this could impact the health of your skin, your mobility, and your overall well-being. 

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  • 0%

    of people with a stoma may experience leakage during their lifetime.[1]

  • Up to


    of the ostomy population can be affected by peristomal skin problems.[2]

Why do problems with your bag system and leakage occur?

Numerous contributing factors may affect the seal of your stoma system. To name just a few:

  • a flush stoma which is a stoma at the level of the abdominal skin[4]
  • a retracted stoma, which sits below the level of the abdominal skin[5,6]
  • uneven skin around the stoma with skin folds, creases, wrinkles[7,8,9]
  • flabby abdominal skin[7]

In such cases, a conventional wafer might simply not fit perfectly or close well around your stoma.

Have you already tried a convex stoma bag system?

In a nutshell: Convex wafers are designed to[1,4,5,9,10]

  • provide a good seal around the stoma
  • help prevent leakage
  • help your peristomal skin to stay healthy
  • simplify stoma management for you

This can work for you, regardless of your size, weight, or whether you are a newbie or a veteran at managing your stoma.

The balance between the right amount of pressure and softness can help seal your stoma more securely to the surrounding skin.

Discovering the soft convex product Flexima® Active O’ convex could start a new chapter in your life with ostomy.

O’ what a flexibility
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Select your product version

Flexima® Active O' convex Roll'up bag

Flexima Active O' convex High Flow stoma bag and distal bag Flow Collector

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Your stoma nurse recommends to use stoma accessories?

The Ally® accessory range is designed to enable an even more personalized care of the individual stoma and can can help to protect and care for the surrounding skin. 

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Overview of the convex stoma bag product range


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