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After stoma surgery

Your stoma: the start of a new life

Your life is going to change now that you have a stoma, and you may need some time to adjust.

Wife in green bathrob hugs husband
One-piece system
one-piece stoma system green illustration
Two-piece system
two-piece stoma system green illustration
Transparent or beige stoma bags and bags with inspection window
beige and transparent stoma bag wiht inspection window
illustration stoma bag with inspection window and hand
Pre-cut or cut-to-fit wafer
pre-cut stoma bag and cut-to-fit stoma bag green illustration
Convex or flat wafer
convex or flat stoma wafer green illustration


A stoma may change your life and bring up a lot of questions 

Now you have a stoma, you are likely to have questions, especially with regard to caring for your stoma and managing your everyday life. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.