Urostomy bags
to avoid stoma leakage

Choose the right stoma bag for your urostomy

In the case of an urostomy, you will need to use a drainable bag with an anti-reflux valve which prevents urine backflow. The bag can be connected to a urine collection bag at night for more comfort and better recovery while sleeping.

Secure and easy to handle outlet on all urostomy bags

During the day

  • Clear open/closed position 
  • Fits in well and the final locking is strengthened by a click
  • Easy to handle; no risk to moisten your fingers

At night

  • A universal connector, provided with our urostomy bags can securely connected to the stoma bag outlet 
  • Easy connection of the connector to a night drainage bag 


The connection of a urostomy bag to a urine collection bag will faciltate you to manage your urine output especially during the night. This will help you to recover better while sleeping and give your bag life quality. We can offer serveral urine collection bags which can either used attached to your leg or to a bed.

One-piece urostomy bags:

Flexima® Uro Silk

Flexima® Uro Silk bags are available in flat and convex versions both in beige and transparent. 

Flexima® Active O'Convex

The Flexima® Active O'Convex range is for people who seek more comfort. Its flexible skin protector provides a soft convexity.

Flexima® Active O'Convex 1-piece urostomy bags

Two-piece urostomy bags:

Flexima® 3S

Flexima® 3S is a 2-piece mechanical coupling system with a unique guiding system for an easy bag positioning. The three "S" stand for: 

  • Simple: The guided coupling system guides you!
  • Secure: You are on the safe side!
  • Soft: The system is flexible to adapt to your body!

Proxima® 2 / Proxima® 2+

Proxima® 2 two-piece range presents a mechanical coupling system. You have the choice between two different wafers, the urostomy bags are available in transparent.