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SAM Fleet Care

Full performance. Zero investment.

Do you want to improve your current set-up for sterile services, including new equipment and efficient management of sterile supplies?

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Get costs in focus with SAM Fleet Care!

1. Analysis

Transparency in your CSSD

Transparency in your Central Sterile Supply Department is the key for identifying optimization potential. Gain transparency in the condition and quantity of your instruments and containers. Gain transparency in your CSSD productions and set utilization (over- and underutilized sets). This is essential for the subsequent set configuration planning. Baseline assessment of your reprocessing cycle (incl. media quality tests).

2. Consulting

Set consulting & process consulting: Improvement of CSSD and OR performance

Possible benefits: avoidance of hidden costs, improvement of OR and CSSD performance, increase in patient safety and sustainable processes. Collaborative review and optimization of set structures/contents. Additionally correct set quantities are defined to minimize asset-related OR-interruptions and to avoid unnecessary reprocessing costs. Receive recommendations for improving your reprocessing cycle to ensure a reliable, value preserving environment for your surgical assets.


Set consulting

Reviewing & redefining current set structure and content to meet the actual needs in OR.
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3. Equipment implementation

Focus on your performance and don‘t waste your valuable time!

Aesculap experts will implement your brand new sets into your processing cycle and remove your old equipment. Aesculap experts will prepare the completeness check for you. Aesculap experts will do the first washing process for you to activate the passivation layer of your brand new surgical assets.

Sterile container in the CSSD
CSSD employee managing surgical instruments in the CSSD

4. Instrument management

Right set. Right place. Right time. In right condition.

Always complete sets thanks to professional Backup Stock Management. Benefit from your Backup Stock within the CSSD packing area with corresponding backup instruments for repair and replacement purposes. Repair and replacement service for defective instruments by Aesculap Technical Service facility is also included in the monthly usage fee.

5. Training

Initial and regular trainings on instrument handling and reprocessing basics

Initial and regular staff training on instrument handling and reprocessing basics to ensure the constant availability of instruments that are in good condition and functionality.

Training for care and maintenance of surgical instruments
Trainings on instrument handling and reprocessing basics

6. Digital tools

Digitalize your processes in the Central Sterile Supply Departments!

Digitalize your packing process with Tray Organizing Manager (TOM).Track your holistic CSSD processes with instacount® Instrument Management SystemDigitalize your Backup Stock Management with the Backup Stock Management App.

Your potential benefits of SAM Fleet Care

Integrated sterile supply solution from the Aesculap Experts for Surgical Asset Management

  • Aesculap-quality surgical equipment
  • Professional consulting
  • Professional iImplementation: no time-consuming assembly of surgical sets and no interruptions of hospital processes on delivery day!
  • Sustainable instrument management

Reliable process in sterile supply, elimination of unnecessary spendings and surgical assets in excellent condition

  • Optimized and digitally supported sterile supply process workflows
  • Education of CSSD personnel
  • Elimination of unnecessary spendings: For example by Set Optimization
  • Elimination of OR interruptions which can be traced back to poor surgical asset management
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