Clinical IT Solutions
With B. Braun OnlineSuite platform

Digital infusion management for the hospital of the future

Today’s requirements for a modern clinical workspace that supports daily challenges, is sustainable, flexible and cost-efficient are as versatile as hospitals themselves. Manifold clinical environments, existing IT infrastructure and a lack of connectivity are major barriers preventing many hospitals from migrating toward automated infusion therapy systems with its numerous benefits. That is why B. Braun not only offers clinical IT solutions for automated infusion therapy but also extensive support when it comes to integration. Together with our customers, we pave the way for the hospital of the future.

Welcome to the future of infusion therapy

Explore B. Braun Space OnlineSuite

With B. Braun OnlineSuite, you can create and send drug libraries, manage reports and statistics, control pump loads and servicing pumps. By providing established links to Clinical Information Systems and featuring WiFi enrollment, OnlineSuite ensures seamless integration into existing hospital networks and IT infrastructures.

5 applications in one platform

The drug library offers healthcare professionals the flexibility of using a single pump in different care units by choosing care unit-specific drug lists. Easily define the drug list within the software and send it to the dedicated pump via WiFi.

Easily use the centralized upload via the hospital network with real-time status monitoring or alternatively use the USB plug’n’play solution to update devices at the point of care if no IT network infrastructure is available.

Proactively manage clinical workflows and predict events such as IV refills by leveraging real-time access to dosages, infused volume and remaining infusion times of your connected pumps in a centralized overview.

Proactively manage clinical workflows and predict events such as IV refills by leveraging real-time access to dosages, infused volume and remaining infusion times of your connected pumps.  

This toolbox enables traceability of devices in terms of location, software, drug library, and technical safety check status. By gaining transparency in operating devices, the device manager is set to improve processes and cost-effectiveness.   

Turn single pumps into an intelligent WiFi interface

Offering all the features of a WiFi integration such as access to infusion data, medical histories and much more.

Single Pump Wireless is a solution for integrating a single pump in your clinical IT. You can upgrade your existing Space pump to a wireless device by replacing the battery module of the pump with the new SP battery pack with WiFi. A wireless transmitter and a single chip computer are integrated in this battery pack, offering nearly all of the features related to a WiFi connection.

Barcoding & autoprogramming

Reduce the time spent on documenting records and manual inputs, 
prevent medication errors in IV therapy, and improve the quality and safety of IV medication administration.

Save staff time by automatically programming IV pumps with prescription and patient data taken from connected clinical systems. In addition, drug information received can easily be linked to the drug database on the IV pump to activate particular drug dosing limits and add important drug settings.

The following video shows you the benefits of autoprogramming.

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)

B. Braun was one of the first companies to participate in the advisory panel of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) that is defining standard interoperability communication protocols between infusion pumps and EMR and other medical devices. B. Braun follows the IHE PCD standards in communicating with and connecting to healthcare partners:

  • B. Braun has been a Charter member of the IHE since 2005
  • B. Braun is a Cerner-certified medical device partner
  • B. Braun is an Epic-certified medical device partner
  • B. Braun has an evaluation agreement with Allscripts

The Space DoseLink IHE Interfaces will extend the functionality of the Space system by allowing interaction with third-party applications through transactions defined within the Patient Care Devices (PCD) domain of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE).