EinsteinVision® 3.0 FI


3D Fluorescence Imaging in real-time

Fluorescence Imaging (FI) aims for the best patient outcome during diagnostics or surgery. [1] In minimally invasive surgery it is used in numerous applications such as vessel or visceral perfusion assessment, visualization of bile duct anatomy or (sentinel) lymph node mapping.

The Aesculap 3D Fluorescence Imaging technology offers three different FI overlay modes in real-time

FI Green

This fluorescence mode indicates the presence of ICG in green color.

FI Intensity

The display of the ICG signal in different colors (yellow represents a high FI intensity signal) enables the visual representation of the ICG intensity in the tissue.

FI White

The monochromatic mode provides the greatest possible image contrast by displaying the white FI signal on a black background.

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Premium 3D

EinsteinVision® 3.0 offers exceptional 3D image quality with native Full HD resolution. In addition, the system convinces with an impressive depth of field and high image contrast.

Pure viewing pleasure

Fluorescence-Guided Surgery – 3D fluorescence imaging in real-time

The FI intensity mode as one of three different FI modes displays the ICG signal in different colors for better differentiation. The fluorescence modes can be easily activated via a camera head button.

Take a different look at anatomy

Anti-fogging function

Fogged optics are bothersome, impair the view, disrupt work and can affect patient safety.
Integrated heating elements in the endoscope tip of the camera effectively and permanently prevent fogging of the optics within seconds. 

Complete perspective

Different sterile handling concept

This unique concept requires no reprocessing of the 3D camera head with endoscope and results in consistent image quality with virtually no image degradation over the life of the product. The product is always ready for use as it remains in the OR.

Added value in Imaging

Autofocus effect

View the OR situs in sharp depth of focus without manual re-focusing.

Always in focus

Smoke reduction

Electrosurgical current regularly generates disruptive smoke. Limited visibility conditions can have an influence on patient safety.
With the push of a button, a special algorithm reduces the impairment visibly.


Red enhancement

A clearer representation of vessels and greater differentiation of red tones are also desirable.
The integrated algorithm provides precisely that at the push of a button.

Differentiated seeing

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Proven Value of 3D EinsteinVision® 3.0 FI

Customer benefits of EinsteinVision 3.0 FI

  • Shorter operating times using 3D technology [2]
  • Clear view through integrated, controlled anti-fog function
  • Extended product life due to unique 3D sterile delivery concept [3]
  • Extended system use, as both 2D and 3D camera heads can be connected to the visualization platform
  • Interdisciplinary use
  • Application flexibility through three fluorescence overlay modes
  • Simultaneous display of live image and superimposed fluorescence mode
  • Switch between live image and fluorescence modes via foot switch or camera head control

Compendium on AESCULAP® EinsteinVision® 3.0 FI

This compendium provides an introduction to the topic of fluorescence imaging. It is subdivided according to different indications (general surgery, gynecology, urology) and interventions. The QR codes lead to the original scientific abstracts. Read more as PDF download >>  

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[1] Dip F et al. Randomized Trial of Near-infrared Incisionless Fluorescent Cholangiography. Ann Surg. 2019 Dec;270(6):992-999. DOI: 10.1097/SLA.0000000000003178
[2] Vettoretto N et al. Why laparoscopists may opt for three-dimensional view: a summary of the full HTA report on 3D versus 2D Laparoscopy by S.I.C.E. (Società Italiana de Chirurgia Endoscopia e Nuove Tecnologie). Surg Endosc 2018 (32):2986-93. DOI: 10.1007/s00464-017-6006-y
[3] Autoclaving exposes endoscopes and light cables to repeated thermal stress, resulting in a shorter life span. As the EV3.0 FI camera head is not autoclaved, this does not affect the life of the product.