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Pioneering robotic-assisted digital platform

Every day, in every hospital, a balance must be found and maintained between conflicting needs of different parties – the quality and safety of patient care must be ensured while also bearing in mind the demands for cost efficiency. Furthermore, it is important to offer a favorable working environment for physicians, nurses and the other hospital staff.

This is especially true for neurosurgery departments. There, the availability of reliable, high-quality equipment is paramount for the surgeons to perform their delicate work under supreme conditions. Undoubtedly, the microscope is a cornerstone for the microsurgeon’s success.

We are dedicated to drive innovation forward, towards even better healthcare, with developments such as our Digital Surgical Microscope Platform. The Aesculap Aeos® is a sustainable investment into the future of microsurgery. It allows the surgeon to see more and to stand tall.


“The learning curve is steep. In average, we already operate our spinal cases 25% faster compared to an optical microscope. We’re confident that we can further improve our efficiency”.

Professor Jan Štulík, University Hospital Prague-Motol, Czech Republic


Seeing more thanks to improved digital imaging

Perfect vision is essential for the surgeon. For many decades, optical surgical microscopes have served microsurgeons worldwide well – but they do have certain limitations, such as a relatively small field of view, a short depth of field, illumination leading to frequent manual interactions for repositioning, refocusing and readjustment These interruptions are inefficient: The workflow is disrupted, hazardous situations may occur, and surgery time is prolonged by up to 10%. [1] Furthermore xenon illumination generates heat and may hence cause tissue damage and skin burns. In addition, xenon lamps need to be replaced after just 500 working hours, causing additional expenses and thus significant running costs.

The Aesculap Aeos® can provide the solution to many of these limitations. An excellent Depth of Field [2] as well as an extended Field of View and superior coaxial, cost-efficient LED illumination enable the surgeon to see more at a glance without distracting interactions. Therefore our platform contributes to boosting efficiency, reducing risks like tissue damage and decreasing costs.

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Standing tall thanks to improved ergonomics

Conventional technology forces the microsurgeon to bend over the eyepiece of the microscope for many hours. It is therefore estimated that 80% of neurosurgeons suffer from pain while operating. [3] Neck and back pain may in consequence affect the surgeon’s performance, quality of life and health. An efficiently run department should not be affected by bad ergonomics and the consequences of such working conditions. The Digital Surgical Microscope Platform enables the surgeon to stand tall while performing the surgery, resulting in a more natural, more comfortable position.

Learn more about how the Aesculap Aeos® helps the surgeon to stand tall.


Improved efficiency thanks to our robotic-assisted Digital Surgical Microscope platform

To see more and to stand tall – these are not the only benefits of the Aesculap Aeos® that offer the potential for better efficiency in the operating room.

The robotic arm of our Digital Surgical Microscope for example enables the surgeon to conveniently position the camera hands-free and help to save valuable time by reducing the amount of work that is not directly related to the surgery. The surgeon can therefore truly focus on his delicate task.

Last but not least, the Aesculap Aeos® is designed for increased upgradeability. New software elements can always be implemented and software can constantly be updated. This ensures that the surgeon can use state-of-the-art technology, making the Aesculap Aeos® a forward-looking digital platform!
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[2] According to feedback within the scope of a survey of 24 surgeons that used the Aesculap Aeos® clinically conducted by Aesculap.
[3] Soueid A, Oudit D, Thiagarajah S, Laitung G. The pain of surgery: pain experienced by surgeons while operating. Int J Surg. 2010;8(2):118-20.