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Active with a stoma

Swimming with an ostomy bag

Swimming is not just fun, but is also a great way to stay fit. It is a low-impact activity that can be wonderful for your health; you can do it your whole life, even with a stoma. But for many who have a new stoma, going swimming can be a challenge. Fear of stoma leakage and worries about how other people might react are generally your biggest concerns. 

Some suggestions and advice

Enjoy swimmining with your stoma

Take your time, you will get there.

Our stoma bags are waterproof and so it is no problem to hop in the water when you feel like it: Be it in the ocean, a lake, a river or a pool – just enjoy the water wherever you want! 

Tips and tricks

Which stoma bag is suitable for swimming?

Your choice

The right ostomy swimwear

Practical advice

How to cover the filter of your stoma bag

Before bathing, showering or swimming, it is important to cover the filter of your colostomy or drainable ostomy bag with the protection sticker to maintain the filter’s performance afterwards. These stickers are provided in the packaging of your stoma bags. Using them is quite simple but varies slightly depending on which bag you are using. Remember to remove the filter protection sticker after bathing, showering or swimming.

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