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Enjoy showering and bathing

Showering with an ostomy bag 

Taking a shower is probably part of everyone’s daily routine, and your stoma should not prevent you from enjoying this ritual. You can even choose whether you prefer to shower with or without a bag, both are possible and you will see that a shower cover or shower guard may not be necessary. 

Tips and recommendations

In the shower with a stoma bag

Our stoma bags are waterproof, which means it is not necessary to cover either one. However, if you wear a bag with a filter, cover this with the protective sticker that comes in the box with your stoma bags. This will help ensure that the degassing performance of the filter remains good after the sticker is peeled off after showering.

Tips and recommendations

In the shower without a stoma bag

A lot of people prefer to shower without a bag and absolutely recommend it. They report that showering without a bag feels liberating. And they enjoy the sensation of clean water running over the stoma. At the same time, it is a good opportunity for the skin to breathe. If your stoma becomes active, you are in the perfect place to wash everything off. It is well worth it and any mess can simply be cleaned up afterwards.

Whatever you decide to do: There is no rush. Take your time, do what feels right to you. Some take six months to finally try showering without a bag. When you decide to try it, you might be happy and keep the habit. Or perhaps you decide that this is nothing for you as it may “end up with a mess”. It is your personal choice.

Do you love a relaxing bath?

Practical advice

How to cover the filter of your stoma bag

Before bathing, showering or swimming, it is important to cover the filter of your colostomy or drainable ostomy bag with the protection sticker to maintain the filter’s performance. These stickers are provided in the packaging of your stoma bags. Using them is quite simple but varies slightly depending on which bag you are using. Remember to remove the filter protection sticker after bathing, showering or swimming.