Colostomy bags
that best fit your stoma

The right solution designed for your colostomy

As a person with a colostomy you will, in most cases, use a closed stoma bag but if it suits you better, you can also use a drainable bag

One-piece colostomy bag systems:


The Flexima® range is simple to use as no any special training is required. Its ergonomic colostomy bags have either flat or convex skin protectors. 

Flexima® Active

The Flexima® Active range is for patients looking for more comfort, as its flexible skin protector provides a second skin* sensation.

Proxima® / Proxima®+

Proxima® bags provide comfort and discretion on a daily basis. You can choose between the soft non-woven bags or the washable once.

Two-piece colostomy bag systems:

Flexima® 3S

Flexima® 3S is a 2-piece mechanical coupling system with a patented guiding system for an easy positioning of the colostomy bag right from the begining. 3S stands for: 

  • Simple: It guides into position for you!
  • Safe: It gives you confidence!
  • Soft: It becomes a part of you!

The colostomy bags can be used either with a flat or a convex Flexima® 3S wafers. 

Flexima® Key

Flexima® Key is a two-piece adhesive coupling system which provides a precise and simple positioning of the closed bag onto the wafer thanks to its patented guiding system.

The wafers are available in flat and convex version.


Proxima® 2 / Proxima® 2+

This 2-piece range ensures a coupling with minimum pressure on the abdomen. A click will assure you that the bag is securely positioned. You can choose between a full hydrocolloid wafer or a combined hydrocolloid and acrylic tape border for extended weartime.